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New York coffee blue mountain beans


In the early 1930s Mr. Ugo Incerpi, owner of the Bar New York, bought a coffee roasting machine, in order to be able to offer a special product to the sophisticated clientele visiting the spa town to rest and “take the waters”. The result? His coffee was so good that, within a short time, word spread and on Sundays people even came from Florence to enjoy “Sor Ugo’s” excellent coffee. The classic “Caffè New York” brand, with its logo represented by a black woman holding a handful of coffee beans, appeared in the mid 1930s. A redesigned version of this symbol is still used today. So every time you taste a cup of Caffè New York coffee, close your eyes and think that it contains 80 years of history. Caffè New York a coffee that is genuine and sincere just like the Tuscan character.

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