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Coffee for offices

For most of us, a cup of great coffee is an essential part of our working day. A workplace coffee fix can give us the pick-me-up we need to kickstart a productive morning, beat an afternoon slump or supercharge a team meeting.
At, we supply both residential and business customers with a wide range of products of well known brands. Below we explore four reasons why you should head to for your next office coffee order:

1. We stock the largest collection of coffee products in Cyprus from leading coffee brands!
Tea, chocolate and maintenance products for your coffee machine are also available in our online store. 

2. You can enjoy special prices, lower than those on our web site, from your very first order!
Please contact us for further information.

3. We deliver fast! Orders placed by 14:00 are prepared and dispatched within the same day!
We use ACS as a courier partner. You can choose one of the following methods for delivery:
a) Have your order delivered at your office. It usually arrives within 1-2 working days. Orders over 100 euros are delivered to you free of charge.
b) Collect from an ACS pick-up point. It usually arrives the next working day. Orders over 100 euros are delivered to you free of charge. 
c) Collect from our Free Pick
-up Point in Larnaca. View our pick-up location on here. 
Worldwide shipping is also available.

4. We are always available to assist you with any inquiry or question. Just give us a call or sent us a message through the chat, email or the social media.   


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