The northern Italian region of Lombardy is home to Lucaffé, the company around founder Gian Luca Venturelli. He expresses his knowledge and experience to shape the Lucaffé brand. A brand that is rapidly conquering the world of premium coffee after the founding of the Gian Luca Venturelli Italian Coffee Roasting Company in 1996.  The mission is to market products of the highest quality full of charm and professionalism. Gian Luca still guarantees all aspects related to 'his' Lucaffé: purchasing of coffee, roasting, blending, quality control and marketing to ensure that Lucaffé is and stays the leading player in the market for premium coffee. It is certainly true that the work praises the master.
Lucaffe is very successful in proving that the use of high-quality Robusta really does nothing to lower the quality of the final product.  The creations from Arabica and Robusta blends are just as masterfully as the 100% Arabica variety Mr.Exclusive. The entire range are all small masterpieces by themselves. Characteristic of Lucaffé is the chocolatety influence in the flavor. In all creations of Lucaffé this influence is present.
"All our coffees are the result of careful and passionate research. We select the best coffees and process them following the Italian tradition of artisanal roasting. Our espresso is our priority and in each cup ..." you can feel it!